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I'm a positive, practical, and intuitive coach who never feels more on purpose than when I'm helping people bring their lives and their relationships into alignment with love, joy, and growth. As a parent, I'm also interested in how the attachment patterns we learn within our families of origin impact how we relate to friends and romantic partners.

Born in the United States, I have embraced Ōtautahi/Christchurch, making it my permanent home. I've worked as a researcher, writer, and teacher; I earned my PhD in 2020. My work as a mindfulness facilitator with educators across New Zealand to support their students' wellbeing is incredibly rewarding.

As an activator and clear-eyed optimist, I believe there are no limits to our capacity to give and receive love. I thrive in the (sometimes overwhelming) life I've made that balances parenting my three children with my ex-partner, practicing self-care, working, and delighting in loving relationships. I believe that we're all able to have nourishing and loving connections, which is why I love coaching.
  • J
    I have worked with Janel many times and each time I have found her to be a fantastic listener who creates such a warm and welcoming space for genuine conversations to flow. She is always supportive no matter the topic, and her coaching and advice is not only helpful but feels like it's coming from the heart. I always leave feeling supported, encouraged, and also challenged to improve. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone, anytime!
  • Sara
    We asked for practical tools to help us understand each other and navigate conflict better, and we certainly got that and so much more. I've worked with many therapists and coaches over my years, and you've been the only one who has made me feel truly seen and understood. To me, there's a huge difference between someone telling you they understand, and someone genuinely understanding exactly where you are in that moment in time. That feeling is scary at first, but also allows a vulnerability that is required to make progress.
    Something that I always appreciated was your ability to listen to lots of emotionally charged conversations and extract from it the key issue or feeling that needed to be addressed. You also had a real skill of making us both feel validated in our (often opposing) feelings while also bringing us together in understanding and processing them.
    Lastly, I love that you made us own the process and do the work from the very beginning. This gave us the confidence to know that we would be okay, and had all the tools we needed, in between sessions and once we had finished the process with you.
    I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in any stage of relationship. Thank you for all the energy you put into guiding us forward in our relationship.
  • Val
    Janel is an all-round rad human. Her ability to make us feel heard, valued and respected in our own individuality helped support us to come together and build strength in our relationship. She offers practical tools that have become invaluable to us in our ability to better understand each other and minimise hurt and conflict. Highly recommend. Everyone needs a Janel.
  • Rob
    What a fantastic night. Set in a cosy, private spot - Janel has a fun and interactive way of tackling both the meta picture and the nuances of tricky topics. I’d highly recommend for anyone interested in or practicing polyamory.
  • R
    As someone who does not wish to identify under a concept of relationship titles, I found Janel’s approach to authentic relating enlightening. Janel has a grace about her that makes you feel immediately accepted, and can help find a place for you to feel comfortable within your own beliefs around relationships.
  • R
    Janel worked with my partner and I during an extremely sensitive time.  She created a safe space for us to communicate with each other amongst the pain and was able to carve out areas of common ground where it didn’t seem commonality could be found.  I’m extremely grateful for the sensitivity, skill and support she brought to the process. 
  • Kit
    Janel is an incredible listener and has a unique ability to support you to feel heard and validated while also expertly guiding you to your own truth and realisations. She will challenge you in the best way possible, calling you to your best self with insight, empathy and knowledge. She is nurturing and kind, but her sessions aren't soft and wishy washy...they're results driven, action-focused and productive, with a few laughs along the way.
  • Dani
    Janel is a superb communicator and very easy to discuss tough subjects with. She understands the sensitivity of different topics and I have left our conversations feeling empowered and clearheaded. Anyone looking to work through relationship difficulties is in safe, capable hands.
  • Monica
    Janel is incredibly intuitive, a wonderful listener, and has found her calling as a relationship coach. She has a warm and empathetic style of coaching and I knew I was in good hands the minute I met her. She is authentic and it shows in her capacity to empathise and listen deeply. Above all she is so easy and comfortable to work with using her gentle but focused approach. Her life experience, her own trials and personal hardships have given her a unique insight into tending to the whole person in order for them to thrive. If you’re looking for an encouraging and supportive coach who will provide valuable perspective on any situation look no further than Janel.
  • Patrick
    Janel is one of the kindest humans I have ever had a chance to meet. It doesn’t come as a surprise that when I’ve needed help understanding what I wanted from my relationship, she provided the caring and judgement free advice that I needed.

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