A coach is NOT a therapist.

A coach is more like a knowledgeable, encouraging, professional friend who knows how to listen and ask the right questions to help you take steps toward reaching your goals.

I'm here to help you identify what helps you feel alive and happy and to grow in that direction!

How I work

I specialise in relationships, helping clients build happier, healthier connections with themselves and others.

I do this by supporting and empowering my clients to develop emotional and reflective habits that serve their higher good by addressing patterns and blocks that prevent connection, all while improving communication skills.

The following prices are rates for sessions or session packages.

15 minute initial coaching call


1 hour coaching session


3 session package


(1 hour each)

5 session package


(1 hour each)

These prices are listed in New Zealand Dollars. For US/International pricing, please get in touch.

Young People and Limited Circumstances

I believe that everyone can benefit from coaching and I never want someone to miss out because they cannot afford listed prices. If you have limited circumstances, please email to enquire about whether scholarship may be available to reduce the cost of a coaching session.

I also offer several coaching sessions per week to young people (14-18 year olds) at a youth discount rate of $20 per hour.

Small group coaching is available to couples, polycules, or close friends
(2-5 individuals). Price per session depends on the number of individuals.

Authentic relating

Find out more about yourself--what you want and need--and how to cultivate relationships that are healthy and real


Open an existing relationship or explore ethical non-monogamy in any of its many forms; consider your options; and identify your values to welcome more love into your life


When a relationship needs to shift, a coach can help one or both partners sort through their feelings and boundaries to make the transition more smooth and kind


Nurture the foundation of all other relationships: the relationship you have with yourself

Get in touch

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